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I'm delighted to announce the debut of my novel Screamer! The novel is an international thriller with magic realism overtones set in Ireland, New York, and Rome.

So what's the story? Film festival director Ryan Connor is visiting a remote part of Sligo in Ireland when he learns of a disappearing lake. Curious, he investigates and inadvertently pockets an artifact belonging to the banshee. Connor returns to New York. The banshee pursues, mayhem ensues!

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Frank Vizard 's editorial career includes stints as an editor with Popular Science magazine and the motoring correspondent for Departures Magazine. He has written for numerous publications ranging from Business Week to USA Today. He is also the author of Why A Curveball Curves and co-author of The 21st Century Soldier. His Irish Norman family has moved between
Ireland and the USA for generations.

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What readers are saying about Screamer:

"A fast-paced adventure!"

"Holds you captive!"

"A truly enjoyable read"



"I don't want to stop reading!"

For more videos, photos, and updates on Screamer, please visit the novel's

Facebook page

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Photo above: Whiteface Mountain, outside of Lake Placid, New York. Where SCREAMER begins!

Photo by Nuala Vizard.

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